Our Client came with the idea for the project in 2018, to build unique software for Football Leagues that facilitates a simple and compliant football transfers for individual players through blockchain. Their idea was to optimize the process of coordinating with teams and bring more efficient, transparency and confidence among Football Players.


  • Hyperledger
  • MySQL
  • ReactJS

“Our AI Team worked along with Blockchain experts to achieve this solution, where information can be exchanged securely, communication is optimized among players and transfers are performed with transparency.”


  • SaaS based Platform for Empowering Football Professionals, Leagues & Transfers
  • Block Chain based Secure Communication
  • Seamless Conveyance from One Club to Another
  • Transparency & Immutability of Data
  • Provenance & Redundancy
  • AI Driven Predictive Analytics for Improved Performance
  • High Security for Interactions Among Leagues
  • Mobile App for the Platform


  • SaaS based Platform for Enabling Ease in Football Transfers
  • Rapid Price Discovery & Secure Football Contracts
  • Ability to Interact Securely with Clubs & Agents
  • Mobile App for Communication between Players and Clubs Members
  • Authentication of Bidding Interest from certified clubs
  • Real time updates of transfer price and status for Clubs
  • Secure and accessible storage of verified contracts
  • Scope for Agents to manage transfer processes
  • Dashboard for Detailed Transfer Status for Players
  • Digital Signature for Contracts
  • Confirmation of Regulatory Compliance