Our client is a global leader in fleet management, ELD, Stolen Vehicle Recovery and Insurance, connected vehicles and also a leading provider of hardware and software for telematics and real-time visibility for over the last 14 years.

They are established in Africa, Europe, and South-East Asia and are operational in 26 countries worldwide. They required a software to collect data from ELD – Electronic Logging Device, and to keep track of their drivers’ records


  • Android
  • iOS
  • JavaScript

“The solution helped drivers complete their task with ease, kept them empowered and focused, improved communication and retention while reducing accidents and protecting them from false accident claims.”


  • Solution to track RODS (Record of Duty Status) & HOS (Hours of Service)
  • User-friendly and advanced record keeping module
  • Monitoring of large-sized fleets
  • Ability to monitor and track customer requests
  • Automation to reduce paperwork for drivers & fleet managers
  • Monitoring of engine, speed, odometer reading etc.


  • Steep learning curve for learning about ELD, RODS & HOS
  • Recording HOS (hours of service) due to different time zones
  • Establishing & maintaining communication in real time


  • Enhances driver productivity: Easy-to-use mobile app helps drivers complete more tasks quicker and thus keeps them focused and empowered.
  • Ensures seamless job completion: Provides all the information needed by drivers to complete their job at one place and also allows them to easily submit proof of job completion.
  • Improves driver communication: Helps drivers easily access their daily schedules, accept new jobs once they are free and communicate information with their dispatchers without interruption.
  • Keeps drivers safe on the road: Ensures drivers aren’t overworked by updating work-logs and improves safe driving with AI-powered camera footage & driver scorecards.
  • Reduces accidents with real-time alerts: Gives visibility of blind spots to drivers using smart cameras and alerts them of any potential danger in real-time via voice messages.
  • Protects drivers from false claims: Records driver activities with smart cameras and the footage can be used to prove that drivers were not at fault in an accident.


Automation of Fleet Operations
Saving of Drivers’ & Managers’ Time
No Repetition in Tasks
Smart Recording Keeping with ELD