Our client, based out in Germany, recognized the need for the automation of intimation to patient’s kin i.e. emergency contacts. Their idea was to give medical assistance to those who are at high risk of losing consciousness such as critically injured athletes, chronically ill patients, and ailing seniors staying independently. They thought, a mobile application would be suitable for this need.


  • Android
  • Angular
  • Knockout.js

“We enabled people in critical medical condition to seek emergency medical assistance and share their location without them having to turn on the GPS or push any emergency button”


  • Mobile application for the automation of notifying close friends and family in the event of a medical emergency.
  • Calls to emergency contacts go through without having to push the Emergency button.
  • The automatic call plays a recorded audio file on loud speaker.
  • Saved text message to be sent to the patient’s emergency contact.
  • Location sharing to know the whereabouts of the person in need.


  • Learning curve of new technologies like Angular 5 & Knockout JS.
  • Automation: Calling and sending messages without pushing an emergency button.
  • Broadcasting Audio Message: Playing a recorded audio on loud speaker.
  • Location Information: Sharing location information without switching on GPS.


  • Automation of Notification Process
  • For indicating safety, patient needs to enter a code.
  • Alarm is activated when the code is not entered.
  • On alarm activation, a recorded audio message is played on loud speaker.
  • Location information of the user is shared through message.
  • Android API to Auto-Broadcast the Recorded Audio
  • Multi-lingual Properties Defined in XML for Multi-lingual Support


Medical help reached people with medical urgencies
Multi-lingual support for assisting people from different locales worldwide
User gets information about their health and wellness