Our client, a veteran providing Day Care Facility for over 20 years in the US, required a software that makes day care management simple. With a requirement document of 350 pages, their idea was to create an ERP solution that can be optimally utilized by other such Day Care Centers.


  • .Net
  • Android
  • ExtJS
  • iOS

“We created an ERP System that enabled our client to automate Day Care Management and brought transparency in operations for teachers and parents”


  • Cloud based ERP System with the latest technology
  • Intuitive UI Design for ease in management
  • Transparency in system for safety of children
  • Dynamic calendar for monitoring
  • Improved Communication between stakeholders
  • Web Portal & Mobile Apps for all stakeholders: Managing Director I Teachers I Parents


  • Structure of modular development
  • Development of complex application in EXT JS technology (not open source)
  • Ideas for automation of various aspects of the solution
  • UI design of more than 350 screens within the stipulated timeline


  • Customizable interconnected modules as ERP package
  • Customized attendance view
  • Efficient inspection facility
  • Emergency bin module
  • Admin portal & mobile apps for each stakeholder
  • Customizable reports


Operational Transparency
Easy & Intuitive Frontend
Real-time Reports