In 2014, we were approached with an innovative concept by our client, leader in innovation of access control systems for homes. The idea required to build a robust solution for a key to access home and workplace using mobile phone that eliminates the use of physical key for home or work environments.

Our research and comprehension of the concept led to a solution that works for future innovations or updates in the access control systems. Not only that, but also a robust solution that is fully compatible with the currently installed system only with a few alterations.


  • iOS
  • Objective C
  • Rest API

“With our IoT based solution compatible with next-gen locking devices, we enabled our client to become a major player in home automation and security systems.”


  • IoT Based Lock & Access Control System
  • Compatibility with Next Gen Devices
  • Research & Analysis for Technology & Hardware
  • Viability for Low Energy Consumption
  • Scalable Software that Adapts to Various Systems
  • Highly Secured & Easy to Use


  • Secured Access System Integrated with Hardware
  • Integration of a BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) Chip
  • Features to Edit Names, Access to the Keys
  • Add Color for Active & Passive Keys
  • Permission Access Management
  • Simplified Functionality for Ease in Use
  • Export Files to PDF or CSV Formats


Highly Scalable System
Elimination of Traditional Key-Lock System
Highly Secured Work & Home Environments
Operate Remotely