Our client from Europe, is a leader in used cars. They required to optimize their sales online by building an AI-driven Car Recognition system that recognizes cars through images, exteriors and distinguishes specific brands, models or the car. Their idea was to develop a module that distinguishes cars by recognizing elements in the images posted by sellers online.


  • Android
  • iOS
  • Python
  • TensorFlow

“We built an AI based Online Platform that efficiently recognizes used cars and manages its prices. And we automated the process for our client and reduced manual efforts”


  • AI based Online Platform for Distinguishing Used Cars
  • Automation of the Process of Segmentation of Used Car Models
  • Price Management based on the Type/ Brand or Model
  • Comprehensive Solution Module Compatible for Video & Camera
  • Mobile Apps for the Platform
  • Unique User Experience with Latest JavaScript Framework


  • Cumbersome to Import & Manage the Data of New & Used Cars
  • Identifying Pricing Parameters for Many Cars & their Models
  • Compatibility Testing with Videos & Camera Types


  • Automation of Distinguishing Used & New Cars
  • Segmentation based on Artificial Intelligence though Posted Images
  • Real Time & On-Click Segmentation of Used & New Cars
  • Price Management based on Car Type, Model and Brand
  • Intuitive User Interface using Angular JS Framework