The client provides elevator diagnostics, remote monitoring, and predictive maintenance solutions that: utilize IoT to connect elevators/lifts to the Cloud, gather data from the sensors, and transform that data into valuable business insights.

They weren’t able to see a clear picture of the elevator operations (i.e. KPI monitoring and reporting). They partnered with Helios Solutions  to implement Power BI for data visualisation and analytics.


  • Azure SQL DB
  • Power BI

“Interactive reports generated using Power BI Desktop provides the elevator technicians with instant diagnostic capabilities due to which they are able to identify points of repair before a breakdown occurs.”


  • Solve data inconsistency issues
  • Integrate a business intelligence tool for data visualisation and analytics
  • Ease and accuracy in KPI monitoring and reporting


  • Developing custom, interactive reports
  • Using Power Query to load data
  • Using Data Analysis Expressions (DAX) to solve a number of basic calculation and data analysis problem


  • Provided Power BI walk through and understanding
  • Developed interactive reports that use real-time elevator data by establishing a seamless connection with Azure SQL DB
  • Utilised Power Query to load data in the application
  • Made use of Data Analysis Expressions (DAX) to solve data analysis problems that include UTC handling
  • Generated Power BI PDF reports and enabled automated sending of these reports


Intuitive custom reports
Data visualisation capabilities
Increase in the bottom-line performance of elevators