Since GDPR Act was enforced by the EU Commission, our client in Ireland saw the need of having a platform that offers information on GDPR policies, and the process of becoming GDPR compliant. They required an online platform to track, monitor and offer services in GDPR compliance.


  • Angular
  • JavaScript

“We built a solution that enables organisations to keep a close watch over the user data and ensures adherence to the GDPR regulations.”


  • Web application that offers services of GDPR compliance to businesses
  • Centralised cloud-based system for management & monitoring
  • Easy-to-use backend & dynamic user interface
  • Ability to monitor and track customer requests
  • Audit module for tracking required compliance regulations
  • Multi-tenant storage format for data from different platforms


  • Design thinking for creating dynamic user interface
  • Duration of solution delivery was short due to GDPR Act
  • High-end security was requirement for data security
  • Gaining a complete understanding of the GDPR Act even before it was in effect.


Access and mapping rights to multiple companies
Secure connection with data encryption for high security
Data assets for mapping data and identifying potential risks
Track, monitor and store incidents of data breaches